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I didn't want to write this, but I did it anyway.

I have a confession. I didn’t want to write this post. Let alone publish it.

I feel embarrassed even as I type this. I'm putting myself "out there" after a long time of just keeping my head down.

And however much I know that I want to communicate with more people I have to admit, I've been busy being lazy. Well more accurately, I've been very busy procrastinating.

To delay the embarrassment of putting myself back out there again. I cleaned my flat (lord knows it needed it). I took my dog on longer walks than I should have (he's called Charlie by the way). I even handtyped out again some documents rather than learn how to overcome the formatting get the idea.

However, it came to that point that I knew that I couldn't procrastinate anymore. I needed to take action as I was really noticing that in both my personal and professional circles, that many people are going through “crossroads”.

Many of my existing coaching clients were coming to our sessions with questions.

What do I want? What do I do? How do I do that? How can I be that? How will I know it’s the right decision? Does this sound familiar?

For many months, I also felt I was a crossroads. A crossroads signposted “more”.

I wanted and want to go down every “more” possibility. "Move more" street. "Be more present" avenue. "Have more time" lane. "Have more money cul-de-sac" and "Have more adventures" road.

So, I tried something. I decided that I already am who I want to be in the future and to live now in the way that I believe that future me will live.

I know I know. I'm going all deep in, but I just had to share this as I feel there has been and continues to be a shift from having an idea to taking action.

There were many things I didn’t want to do (declutter my apartment). I didn’t want to get realistic (do a financial review). I didn’t want to accept responsibility for my part in the failure of friendships and relationships (but I did). I didn’t want to start taking real care of myself (making those long-overdue medical and dental appointments). I didn't want to even think about growing my business more (but I am).

And as I have been taking actions and working on my mindset over the last few months, I have felt both the move away from who I was and a movement and a motivation to who I want to be; and will be.

So, now that I’ve written this post (even though I really didn’t want to). What are you going to do that you don’t want to?

To have that tricky conversation with a colleague/manager?

To stick to that plan to close the laptop at 6pm sharp?

To organise the “miscellaneous drawer” of your computer folders?

If I havebeen reminded of recently it’s that action helps create motivation. As they say, a rolling stone gathers no moss. So get that ball rolling…..and keep it going.

Take care and if you are interested in learning more about working with me, do get in touch.


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