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Embrace your inner explorer

I have a confession to make. I wrote this in bed! I know I know it’s against “the rules”, but who is really in charge?

Well you know who is in charge (well of me anyway), me! And who is in charge of you? Yep, you guessed it!


I’ve been working hard to lean into my learnings of 2020. To trust myself that with the information I currently have I am doing things the best way I can.

So during the recent cold snap in Madrid (it got down to -10 degrees!), I learnt that one of my new personal rules was that working from bed was more that acceptable.

So I started bringing my coffee and my laptop into bed with me. And not only was I working from bed, I was being really productive, creative and loving it!

Now, please don’t get me wrong. I am not encouraging you to work from bed. But I am encouraging you to explore new ways of doing things that are right for you.

As social animals and creatures of curiosity, the restrictions we have on our sociability is difficult to navigate. But that doesn’t mean we still can’t explore. We just have to get creative.

What small things could you change to mix it up? Is there anything you could tweak to further improve?

Have you ever bought or fixed something small and then thought to yourself how did I ever live without that (milk frother!!!)?

It is the small things, the tiny adjustments that stick. These are the things that really support progress and forward movement. Building these seemingly insignificant things into our lives does have an impact.

For example, so far this year, my friends and I have started doing “Morning tune of the day”. We take it in turns to share a song for the morning. I’m listening to songs that I would NEVER have found on my own. I’m exploring. And it sets up my day and my mood to not only have a spring in my step. But encourages me to seek out the new, despite the current restrictions.

I’m also mixing my breakfasts up, sometimes porridge, or a fruit smoothie and even Coco Pops!

Variety really is the spice of life. It helps us keep curious, keep learning and supports our growth. Wherever we are. Even if it’s in our homes.

What would the result be for you if you just tried playing and exploring with your routine and habits? Perhaps it would be too much. Or perhaps is could be the start of something exciting and nourishing and rewarding in a time where these things are very necessary.

What small thing are you going to commit to changing today?

Enjoy getting curious.


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