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How would you spend your 25th hour?

Looking at your calendar to find a free weekend, moving around appointments and squeezing too many things into your day are all things that you are “guilty” of. Being busy means that you are making the most of your time. Right? Wrong.

By the time Fridays come around you are exhausted. And slightly annoyed that you have social commitments over the weekend as all you want to do is do nothing. Even though you have many other things that you need/want to tackle during your two days “off”. Your life is go go go.

Sound familiar?

I hear you. The last 12 months were very challenging for me. I was trying to grow my Coaching business, taking on more clients than ever, moving house, studying and attempting to “conquer” the Spanish language whilst trying to be a good partner/friend/daughter/sister. Could I “fit” everything in? Yes. Technically I could tick all the boxes. Technically I was fulfilling all of my commitments.

But the reality was that I was exhausted and just moving from one thing to another. Always with an eye on when and what the next thing was. Never truly being present. Until I decided that enough was enough and that if I didn’t change, nothing would change. And continuing the way I was, wasn’t a possibility.

Indulge me a little. How does all of this box ticking (or not box ticking) make you feel? What are the benefits of you running around like a headless chicken? And crucially what is the cost of you going through the motions and just getting things done?

[Note: I predict that some readers will just keep reading and not think about those questions (because they’re too busy and they want to be efficient). While other people will re-read the questions and take a moment and think, if that’s you…WELL DONE : )]

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about “Making Time” and it won’t be the last time either. How much we do, or don’t do is a topic that just isn’t going away. Despite technology making life in one way easier, it’s also massively increased our options (and opportunities) as to how we spend our time. With social media working as a not so silent enforcer that if we aren’t doing something “insta” worthy then we are not only missing out but wasting time when we are doing something that is necessary but not aesthetically pleasing.

Indulge me just one more time. If I could give you another hour everyday and make your days 25 hours long, how would you spend that?

Sleeping? Netflixing? Exercising? Chatting? Working? Reading?

I wonder how long that hour would remain just for fun/relaxation/for your health until jobs, tasks, admin and stuff would creep in?

I guess what I want to highlight is that if we don’t plan and actively protect our time. Then no one else will. Time is our most precious commodity. And yet so few of us respect it. We need to take a little more responsibility for our busyness and headless chickeness (oh yes I did). Because if we don’t, the world and all of its wonder and worry will.

Possible actions

- Do less. Take at least one thing off your to-do-list everyday.

- Double check if what you are adding to your plate is really necessary or is it just a “that would be nice” or a delaying technique on your part to avoid doing what really needs to be done.

- Give yourself a break. A little time, a little space in your day for you. Daily.

As a Coach I truly believe in you finding your own way to create that space. “Play around” with the suggested actions. See what does or doesn’t work for you. But the key is to try and find something that works for you and your life and situation. Self-love and care start with you and how you spend your time. We all at least try and spend our money wisely and with thought. Perhaps now it’s time to apply the same approach to how we spend time too.

If this has resonated and you would like to learn more about time management, organizing and planning; I am developing an online workshop “Prioritizing Priorities”. If you are interested in receiving future information about this online workshop send me a message on Facebook or Instagram or email

As always, if you are interested in finding out a little more about what Coaching with me would look like do get in contact on Facebook or Instagram or email And we can have a no-strings free phone consult and see how Coaching could work for you.

Because if not now, when? Be a better you.

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