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"Holiday you"

You’re walking down the street slowly but with a spring in your step. You’re feeling light, relaxed and stress free. You know that at this moment even if something goes wrong, it’s OK, because you’ll deal with it and it will just become a funny story. You’re feeling flexible and open to meeting new people and trying new things. At night you go to bed happy because you’ve done exactly what you wanted with your day and content as you’re going to carry on with this attitude tomorrow and the day and…well until the holiday ends and you land at the airport and already when you’re in the queue for passport control you can feel the dread and worries of “real” life waiting for you outside of the arrivals gate.

But why does it have to be like this? Why can’t we be “Holiday us” all year round?

With the well needed Easter holidays around the corner and then after the Summer holiday is firmly on the horizon (even if you’ve not booked a thing!) and we all look forward to them so much. Why? Of course, because it’s a break from our normal routine, we don’t have to go to work and that combination of sunshine and a long lunch just works magic on our souls. But is there more to it?

I’d like you to try something. Once you’ve read this, just close your eyes for a few moments and think about the last time you went on a great holiday. Why was it so great? Think about what you saw, you ate, you did and think about the feelings you had when you were doing those things. What do you like about yourself when you’re on holiday? What do you like about the way you feel when you’re on holiday? Think about it. Write it down. Can any of those feelings or thoughts be transferred into your life full time? And then more importantly, with your eyes still closed, what would the benefits be if you were to be a bit more “Holiday you” all the time?

This idea came to me when I went travelling by myself in Mexico last summer for 6 weeks. I hadn’t had a “big trip” for a few years and before I went away I remember discussing what I wanted to get out of this trip with my Life Coach (yes even Life Coaches have their own Life Coach). I’ve re-read my notes that I made during my session. My objectives were to give myself space to think, enjoy myself, and go with the flow and not worry about being in control. To cut a long story short, I had a great holiday. It was a very empowering trip which I confirmed during my next reflection session with my Coach. And the “note to self” from that session was that I wanted to bring “Holiday Alexa” into “real life”. I wanted to be more relaxed, more focused when I am doing something I love and more spontaneous (which meant making less plans in advance something I always do) and just enjoy life more.

So I did.

I relaxed more. I put down my phone when walking from A to B to enjoy the street life just as I would on holiday. When meeting with friends, I took a moment to think aren’t I lucky to have this time with them and for me. I stopped planning my weekends down to the minute to allow for more spontaneity and who knew, some quality time for myself. But what I found most useful was my shift in attitude. “Holiday Alexa” is a much nicer person to be around, for not just other people but myself included. Think about how lovely, fun and relaxed you are when you are having those evening drinks by the beach with your family, friends or partner. Versus how you are to everyone on a rainy Monday morning.

As always, what’s the point? The point is why we can’t be more conscious of how we are feeling and acting day to day. Why can’t we take that holiday feeling into the restaurant that we go to on Friday? Why can’t we switch off from life’s stresses over that coffee? Why can’t we be in work with the attitude of, I’ll solve this problem and at least I’ll have a funny story about it?

Earlier when you were thinking about how you are on holiday, what was coming up for you? Is there anything that you could start to do to incorporate that “Holiday you” into your professional and personal life? Are there any actions that you could do that could help remind you of that holiday feeling? For example, reading is something we all tend to do on holiday. But as soon as (well for me anyway) the suitcase is unpacked, reading for pleasure fades away quicker than my tan. Could you read on your lunch break instead of looking at Instagram? Could you take 30 minutes out at the weekend with a coffee and just read, or people watch like you do on holiday?

A holiday is much more than you just not going to work. It’s a change in mindset. A freer, happier you. To bring this feeling more into your consciousness and to be part of some of your everyday actions, well I personally can only see and feel the benefits.

Enjoy “Holiday you” and don’t forget the suncream ; ).

If you would like to discuss how to be more “Holiday you” or any other area that is preventing you for truly being you contact me via email or Facebook for a free strategy session and see and feel the difference that it can make.

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