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Just do it

Just do it.

If you had to think of a mantra to sum up how to get towards your future goals, I feel pretty confident in saying that those three little words “Just do it” would be part of your thought process.

During a recent coaching session with a client we were, of course, discussing goals. We were fine tuning what the client wanted and how the client wanted to express that want in a short phrase. After some work, the client decided on their goal and then we were ready to move onto one of my favourite parts, making the action plan. But this was going to be no “ordinary” session (a coaching session very rarely is “ordinary”), as the client kept on making excuses and finding ways to not commit to real change and action. They were stalling to “Just do it”. After listening carefully to the client, I had to ask them, “so what is really going on here?”

And then the truth started to come out. The client admitted that maybe they weren’t ready for coaching. That maybe they weren’t ready for change and the commitment that that involves. They weren’t ready to “Just do it” They were able to talk eloquently about this. I was almost convinced. But as a Life Coach, my job is to ask, not assume. So I asked them another question, “When will you know that you are ready?” Silence.

After further questioning it became apparent that the client knew that they were ready and that that they had been ready for some time. But they were afraid, lazy, concerned and unmotivated to “Just do it”. I can completely empathize. I love to put things off. Sorry, let me update that thought, I loved to put things off. Until I realized that I could put these things off forever. And those things without a deadline or without a fixed time point of completion were actually the things that needed to be completed most. They were the very actions that would take me “from where I was to where I wanted to be”.

But what struck me the most when I was moving from master procrastinator to someone who just did it; was how easy it was once I started. From that wardrobe organization, to my Life Coach Training research, to creating my new website and finally trying to make that quesadilla recipe I had had on my kitchen noticeboard for so long. (These are not written in order of priority!) Regardless of the task, I can share with you that the one feeling I had when I completed or even just started completing these tasks was, “oh that wasn’t so bad. Why did I wait so long to do this?” Does this ring any bells?

How is this related to my client and to you? The relation is like me (and it’s still a constant work in process) we need to “Just do it”. Because in the end, if we are choosing not to do something then we are consciously and consistently choosing not to act.

We are using energy and time to NOT do something. So, what have you been putting off? What’s behind you’re inaction? What’s the consequence of your inaction? What would the consequence of your action be? And how would even just starting to act and move towards your goal make you feel?

If we take the example of the quesadillas. I had wanted to make them for months. I just kept putting it off, even though most of the time I have had all of the necessary ingredients already in my house. And then one day, I just did. They were much easier and less scary to make than I ever thought. They tasted better than I thought and I ended up making them again for friends. But what it also made me do; was want to make enchiladas. Apologies for the example but the real communication is that when we complete a task, or learn a new skill we often get the drive to do more. Which is huge! Going to the gym once a week, makes you want to go to the gym twice a week. Sending off one CV makes you want to send off even more. Having a successful outcome on a project that you have been working on only makes you want to have another successful outcome on another project.

My client recognised that the excuses and the procrastination could no longer be justified. As they truly did want change. A proactive plan was made and just through making that plan, I could see that the client was more focused and more energized and committed to actually achieving their goal.

They just did it.

Now it’s your turn.

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