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  • Alexa Doman

Living like a Rock Star

Mick, Anthony, Debbie and David. You know who I mean right? Jagger, Kedis, Harry and Bowie. The rock stars. But what have they got to do with personal development? Well the other day as I attended a music concert, something dawned on me.

They are doing something that they love and are passionate about.

At differing points in their lives they came to the conclusion that they loved something (music in this case) enough that they wanted to make it their livelihood and their lifestyle. Now, I'm not saying that we all need to quit our jobs, learn the guitar and start indulging in the world of excess. My point is that we owe it to ourselves to be doing something that we are passionate about. To give our all to that "performance" and do something that gives us that “rush” when we do something well.

Completing that financial report on deadline might not feel quite the same as headlining at Glastonbury; but if you get a buzz from working in a fast paced environment or perhaps you love that you finally started taking those foreign language classes seriously and you´re understanding and communicating in your new language… then maybe you are already a rock star in your own way?

But what if you aren´t doing anything that you´re excited about. What if you´re wishing you were somewhere else, doing something else?

How do you move forward? As a Coach, I would never tell you want to do. But I would ask you, and I´m actually asking you to think about it now;

Are you satisified at the moment?

What would it feel like if you didn´t change anything?

What is the cost/benefit ratio of doing what you want?

If you are waiting to be “ready” before you start, when will you know you are “ready”?

Just thinking over your reality can help put things in perspective, and perhaps in a positive way. Really asking yourself these questions and answering them honestly can help us recognise what needs improving and what we have or we are doing that is already pretty darn good.

I can only imagine what playing in front of over 100,000 people and hearing them sing your song that you wrote feels like. However, I do know what going to bed happy, content and excited about my professional and personal life feels like. Does that make me a rock star….unfortunately not. But it does feel pretty great when I go to bed and when I wake up ready for the next adventure.

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