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To make resolutions or not make resolutions…that is the question.

It’s that time of year again. Online, offline, all the blogs and articles are full of how to be better next year, how to get what you want and what gadgets and books you can buy to help you get there. And even whilst you are reading these articles you’re thinking that you can’t even be bothered to make any New Year Resolution’s as you know that you won’t stick to them. However, you do want things to change but maybe there’s a mince pie left and some chocolates that need finishing off and an old Christmas film that you haven’t seen for years….

Whilst enjoying that 'in between' time between Christmas and New Year, I was feeling that pull of wanting to re-write and work on my new goals. Wanting to put things into action that I’d been able to put off because “It’s December and Christmas”. With January around the corner I thought I’ll just have a cup of tea and a sit down before I start work. (Sound familiar?) I popped on the TV (just for a bit…was the intention) and there I find the “Kids” film Kung Fu Panda. And apart from being a very enjoyable film about a noodle making Panda turned Kung Fu master, there was a message at the end of it that couldn’t have been more perfect at getting me off the sofa and in front of the computer. “There is no secret ingredient”.

The message of the film is that “there is no secret ingredient”, meaning that it doesn’t matter how good this year’s new celebrity work out video is, unless you actually do the DVD regularly you will not get the results you want. Unless you actually start organizing things better and preparing your time accordingly, you will remain disorganized and stressed. Unless you start looking and applying for that new job, you will stay in your current role and continue wishing that you weren’t and feeling unfulfilled. There is no magic fix or thing you can buy. The answer is you. You just have to do it.

Where am I going with this? Well, New Year’s Resolutions famously don’t work. Why? Because even when we think of them, we believe and know that we are not going to see them through. “Seeing is believing” just as much as not seeing is not believing. So how can we change this thought pattern?

  1. Focus on the priority/priorities that you want to improve/change

  2. Start doing the actions necessary to make the priority the reality

  3. Notice how good/useful/healthy/positive this change feels

  4. (And now for the tricky part) Repeat.

In other words. Focus, act, notice and repeat.

It is that simple. Read this sentence outloud... “There is no secret ingredient”. Yes, it is that simple.

And it’s true. It’s all down to you, and not whether you want it, but whether you’re prepared to go for it. “There is no secret ingredient”.

If you want more clarity, direction and motivation in 2018. Then working with me as your Life Coach could be an invaluable and more efficient way of getting you from where you are to where you want to be. For more information or to book a free consultation session with me, contact me or via my Facebook page.

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