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Alexa's journey to Life Coaching

One of the questions I often get asked in my consultation sessions with potential clients is what made me want to be a life coach. So here it is the short/long answer about how and why I decided to start my journey into life coaching.

This journey to be a life coach probably started with my recognition that my career focus wasn’t so much what I did in terms of the role itself. My focus was that as long as I was helping people in whatever capacity, that was what I wanted “I do”. So, I started working in the NGO sector in London and was very happy working there, until I wasn’t.

Although I was working for an amazing organisation and the work I was doing was extremely interesting and challenging I really missed working directly with people. I was helping people, but I wasn’t interacting with them. So I decided to leave my job and London to volunteer with a Burmese Refugee Organization on the Northern border of Thailand.

It was a fantastic experience and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to help and work with some truly inspirational people. However, at the end of my volunteering placement I knew that I needed to move away from the NGO sector and find a different way to work directly with people. It was time to go for what I really wanted to achieve.

Since I was little, I had always wanted to live in Spain. The passion to speak Spanish and be completely immersed in Spain had been a dream. So, I left Northern Thailand knowing two things. Firstly, that I was going to move to Spain within the next year. And secondly that I had been so lucky to have that “break”, that space to just focus on myself and what I wanted. And this made me realise that sometimes people just need a helping hand, a push and a fresh perspective on their lives.

And I wanted to give that opportunity of time and space to others. The seeds of becoming a Life Coach has been planted.

I landed in Madrid four years ago and started to work towards that dream. Before embarking on my Coaching qualification I went to see a Life Coach in Madrid and found it an invaluable experience and even today I still think back to the learnings from those sessions. That following summer I completed my International Coach Federation Accreditation. Since that both as a Teacher and as a Coach I am so proud and grateful to work with people every day to take them from where they are, to closer to where they want to be.

I knew that I was on the right career path during a final session with one of my earlier clients. For that client it hadn’t been the easiest journey, but when they told me that working with me had meant “facing something I’ve actively avoided, plodding along in the same mind set, [and recognizing that] I’m over spending time on that feeling”. They continued, “I know exactly what the answer is, it’s just a choice between focusing on the problem or the solution. I feel so much better – all of this change will happen it’s just round the corner. I appreciate the power I now know I have”.

When I heard them say that, I had butterflies. To be part of that client's journey and to hear their realization incredible. And I want to have those butterflies with as many clients as possible. That is my drive, and that is my desire, for you to have that motivation and belief that not only can you get what you want, but that you are already well on the way to that goal.

To read more testimonials from my clients experiences click here.

My journey continues but now you are the focus. As I want you to focus on the solution not the problem, to recognise the power you have to get what you want and to get it. To find out more about the process and how you can benefit contact me via email or via my Facebook page. What are you waiting for?

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