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Making time

Summer is on!

Our thoughts have now firmly turned towards doing the wardrobe switch, summer holidays and the dream of lazy evenings in the sunshine. Summer is absolutely my favourite time of year. It also seems to be my busiest time of year. I don’t know about you, but the number of weddings, weekends away and general merriment really ramps up as soon as the May Bank Holiday finishes. And while this is great, what about the other things; that promotion you want, that change in attitude or that beach body that somehow currently looks quite similar to winter body. Where do we find the time to fit everything in?

The bad news; we can’t make time. The good news; we can find time.

Making time is all about priorities. Have you ever had a day where you thought I am never going to get all of this done, but you have to. So you do. The basic principle of making time is the same. You achieve things when they are a priority. If you are not achieving things, ask yourself, is it because you don’t have time. Or because you haven’t prioritised these things?

When I reflect back on all the things I have achieved in the first half of this year. I have to hold my hands up and admit that a lot of my time was spent travelling and meeting up with friends. Which, although both of these are essential for me, much as it pains me to say to myself and now my friends; my current priorities are elsewhere.

I found time by prioritising something else.

Changing your priorities in theory is very simple, in practice more complex. The trick, recognise what your priorities are and just make a little quality time for your current priority. And then see how it feels when you move forwards towards where you want to go. Feels good? Then you have your next step, make even more time…for your priorities.

This doesn’t mean that this summer I won’t be last one off the dance floor at the weddings, nor does it mean I’m not going on holiday or that I won't be enjoying the odd lazy summer evening (weather permitting). However, it does mean that I am going to work hard when I’m not doing those lovely things. By taking action on my priorities, this will not only make me feel like progress is being made, but it will also allow me to really enjoy the summer knowing that I’m working hard doing something that I choose to do for me. One of my client’s goals was to feel “smug” more, by turning their priorities into actions. They wanted to feel good in themselves, by prioritising going for a run, and doing their Spanish homework because those areas were their areas of key focus that would help them reach their goal of a better life/work balance.

And after 6 months working together, she worked really hard to reach her goal, but also set a new one; to feel "very smug".

If you like my client mentioned in this article (click here for more their thoughts on working with me) you are interested in looking at and focusing on your priorities contact me on or via my Facebook page to find out more about your free consultation session.

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