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You & Me

Imagine for a moment that you are in a dark room and you are looking for something important. You don’t know where it is, or maybe even what it looks like and the only light you have is a torch...

...What if when we work together, instead of looking for the important thing, we looked for and found the light switch. Helping you find what you were really looking for, faster and with confidence.

Coaching is about understanding where you want to be, setting a plan and committing to actions which will move you away where you are now and towards where you want to be. 

Together let's find the light switch.

I will motivate you through the hard times, stretch and challenge you. You will look at situations from a new perspective. You will reach your goal quicker and more efficiently than working alone.  ​

A British native living in Madrid, Spain.  Alexa Doman is an ICF trained Life Coach, who has worked with coaching clients from the UK, Spain, USA and New Zealand. Alexa is a dynamic and energetic Coach who will bring motivation, prioritization and clarity to the areas you want to focus on. 


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Session focus: Improve confidence

Through Alexa's insight and questioning, I discovered behaviours and limiting beliefs that were stopping me from achieving my goals. She helped me identify these underlying beliefs and work through them so I could move forward and ultimately be more confident and true to myself.

- Christina Clayton, UK.

 Individual sessions

You know what issue you want to work on

You are ready to take the next steps

Are you sure this is the best way to move forward?

In person/Skype/Telephone

Flexible sessions

You need clarity and focus before you move forward


You want to explore the how before you take action

Would you benefit from  having a flexible plan?

Skype/Telephone/In person

Transformation sessions 

You want change but not quite sure what or how 


A structured action plan would help you to focus

Would more support make your changes more likely?

Telephone/In person/Skype

I run interactive group workshops:

Workshop topics include:

  • Professional goals and objectives

  • Prioritize prioritizing

  • Breaking and making habits


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